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The Advanced Course in BoNTA is ideal for those delegates who have completed the Foundation Botulinium toxin course and are now looking to consolidate their experience and develop their skills in treating more complex areas in BoNTA. The advanced course includes the use of botulinium toxin for the lower face (masseters, jawline and chin), neck and hyperhidrosis (underarms, palms and sole). Such treatments are becoming increasingly popular. This course will also help you in improving the facial assessment and hence the standard of treatment you can provide.

The trainers will assess you throughout the length of the course and certification is awarded once the student has demonstrated full competency in all areas of the curriculum. Once certified the delegates will able to perform these advanced BoNTA treatments.


Course Programme

History and cosmetic background
Mechanism of action
Indications in dermatological and non-dermatological practice
Onset and duration of action
Contraindications, complications & adverse events
BoNTA for jaw contouring
BoNTA for platysmal bands of the neck
BoNTA for chin, smoker’s lines, and gummy smile
BoNTA for hyperhidrosis

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Our course offers

Training in small groups
Experienced Doctor and recognised trainers
Ongoing support
Business advice from a successful group of practising non-surgical cosmetic aesthetic clinics


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