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Aesthetic treatments can be used as a method of injecting dermal filler into a client’s face.

When you finish the dermal filler course, you will know how to enhance facial features, contour cheekbones, increase chin structure and improve the visibility of cheekbones. You’ll also learn how to contour and sculpt the jaw at the Advanced Dermal Filler Course. Alongside this, we teach you our signature non-surgical rhinoplasty treatments including the Tink Flick. The option to add on Nasal Fold & Marionette Line filler is also available, as this treatment comes hand in hand with other facial filler packages.



Theoretical Components:
⁃ Treatment areas
⁃ Facial proportions
⁃ Common Areas (Jaw, Cheek & Chin, Non-surgical Rhino)

⁃ The aging process
⁃ Filler depths
⁃ Injection areas
⁃ Product knowledge
⁃ Client assessment
⁃ Managing expectations
⁃ Use of cannula
⁃ Complications
⁃ Injection techniques specific to cannula
⁃ Treatment planning
⁃ Aftercare
⁃ Managing expectations

Practical Components:
⁃ Client consultation
⁃ Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects
⁃ Injection techniques
⁃ Live models


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