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Course Overview

This course gives you all the knowledge and practical skills needed to perform anti-wrinkle treatments. You’ll boost your confidence in product knowledge and treatment areas, as well as injection techniques and live model practice.

The initial training is completed online from the comfort of your own workplace or home. During the online course, you’ll cover a wide range of modules to give you an in-depth understanding of the subject. This will also focus on the anatomy and physiology of the face and skin.

This course will teach you how to assess the musculature structure and anatomy of the face to determine the individual treatment plan per client. This is an important skill to learn because every face is different; what works for one, may not work for another. You’ll learn the current trends and how to apply them in your treatments. As well as the reconstitution of toxins and how to adjust the toxin to suit feminine and masculine clients.

After successful completion of the online course, you’ll join an expert practitioner for further online theory training. Following this, you’ll attend practical training at the famous Cosmetic Couture Academy. Here you’ll learn the practical skills of administering anti-wrinkle treatments on live models, all overseen by your expert tutor. Practical training completed at the Cosmetic Couture clinic will result in fully accredited CPD certification.

PLEASE NOTE: Products for Anti-Wrinkle Treatments are a prescription-only medicine, and you will require your clinical oversight to prescribe this for your client.



Anatomical structure of the skin
Muscles of the face
Full Facial Musculature Assessment
Product Knowledge
Treatment Areas
Managing expectations
Pain management protocols
Adverse effects
Client consultation protocols (medical history & client consent)
Hygiene and sharps disposal and legal aspects

Practice of injections prosthetic skin
Live demonstrations
3 Practical Live Models


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