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Our foundation course is designed to teach you the safe and effective administration of two of the most popular injectable aesthetics treatments on the market. The Foundation & Dermal Fillers training course is aimed at beginners.

During our cosmetic’s training course, you will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge into the safest and most effective procedures to meet client expectations and prevent any discomfort during this process.


You will learn how to effectively and confidently provide anti-wrinkle injection treatments using Botulinum Toxin for reducing lines in the upper face (forehead, between the brows and crow’s feet)
Know how to carry out dermal filler treatments to the lower-third of the face (lip augmentation and nasolabial folds).
You will also learn essential theory components such as what each treatment is and how it works, the anatomy and physiology of the face, pre and post-treatment protocols, consultation techniques, important contraindication information and much more.


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