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Course Overview

Consultation techniques Contraindications

Understanding different needles Maintenance procedure

Aftercare Advise Pre-treatment Advise Industry regulations

How to measure the face Maintenance for client

Further treatment advice

Practical demonstration Practice sessions

Clean-up and aftercare

Troubleshooting Acknowledge of the use of dermal fillers in the lips.

To understand and have understanding of the various types of fillers presently offered and the pros and cons of each.

Examine and have understanding of numerous injection methods.

To comprehend the anatomical factors when using dermal filler.

Recognise the significance of accurate patient evaluation from the initial consultation through to the actual treatment itself.

To appreciate how to carry out the procedures by undertaking a practical workshop (hands on workshop session) on a live patient using a dermal filler for either lip augmentation, peri oral lines, nose to mouth lines.

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