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This course lays down the fundamental knowledge and practical skills required for practitioners aiming to offer filler treatments.

The curriculum unfolds a systematic understanding of facial anatomy, skin types, and the science behind dermal fillers. It delves into the safety protocols, the legal and ethical obligations a practitioner holds, and the art of client consultation and communication.

Practical training forms the core of this course, where learners get hands-on experience under expert supervision, mastering the techniques of administering dermal fillers. They are introduced to the various types of fillers, needle techniques, and the art of achieving natural-looking results while ensuring client safety and satisfaction.

Why Choose This Course

• Great for anyone wanting to start their career into aesthetics

• Online theory learning and exams

• Learn at your own pace

• 100% pass rate

• Online portal contains

• 24/7 supports

• Online videos to support online learning

  • NG1 2EB, Nottingham, City of Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

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