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Course Overview

The majority of people would like to correct some parts of their noses if given the chance. The nose is one of the most prominent features of the face. Due to this fact, Rhinoplasty experts are always in high demand.

This process is a very delicate and artistic one, in this course, we make sure that you understand the artistic side of the procedure.

This course meets the legal, theoretical and practical requirements to start working as an aesthetics practitioner.

You will be eligible to receive a  certificate at the end of the training day, which will allow you to gain insurance and start practicing as aesthetics professional.

Why Choose This Course

Why Choosing Us?

All our trainers are practicing aesthetics consultants with a great amount of experience and field knowledge. We understand the importance of practical training, that's why along with the theoretical knowledge we provide comprehensive hands-on training.

We use mannequins during theoretical lectures and practice on live models during practical session.

On The Day

Training day structure

Use of Dermal Fillers
Facial Anatomy
Nose Anatomy and features
Skin structure and functions
Indications and Contraindications
Rhinoplasty treatment
Patient Prep and after treatment
Temporary, Semi-permanent and permanent fillers
Side effects and complications
Lunch (Provided)
Demonstration and hands-on training of Rhinoplasty
Q & A


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