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The ‘Liquid Rhinoplasty’ is an advanced dermal fillers procedure which is fast gaining popularity as clients understand its benefits.

The nose is probably one of the most disliked facial features and a great many patients feel self-conscious about the shape of their nose. Particularly humps and bumps can be a problem, spoiling the balance of the face; while others have issues with asymmetry or even aesthetic issues after nose surgery or breaking the nose.

Compared to the cost of surgery, non-surgical nose reshaping is clearly cost effective, but it is also much safer and less time consuming than surgery.

Now that the procedure is more widely understood, it is something that clients are asking for.


Refresher knowledge – facial anatomy with specific focus on the overall face shape
Explanation of the various brands of dermal fillers on the market that can be used for non-surgical nose jobs
Understanding how to conduct a thorough consultation and assessment of the patient to ensure a safe, comfortable procedure that delivers maximum results
Injecting skills theory – how to give patients an effective nose reshaping result
Techniques to ensure a comfortable experience for the patient and reduce risks including use of cannula and needle
Establish confidence through live demonstration and practical experience
Possible side effects, complications, patient concerns and learn how to address them.
How to inject Hyaluronidase enzyme to remove hyaluronic acid dermal fillers if required

  • M3 3HN, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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