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PDO therapy is an effective cosmetic treatment to lift and tighten mid and lower part of the face without a need of medical surgery. This course is suitable for trainees with medical background looking to learn about the use and application of all types of threads, safe implantation of threads and combining with other products to achieve best results and client satisfaction. Main focus of this course is given to rejuvenation threads.



1. Detailed introduction to PDO thread lift
Use of PDO threads in medical and aesthetic market, advantages of threads compare to medical surgery, detailed anatomy and physiology of the face.
2. Learn technique and injection sites
Will cover the use, types and implantation of threads of all types of threads, application for upper and lower part of the face.
3. Client consultation & safety
Covers steps required during the patient consultation and follow up steps required after the treatment
4. Complication management and adverse reactions
Covers all Health and Safety protocols, injection protocols and type of reactions patients can experience and how to treat them.

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