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The tear trough and periorbital region is classified as an advanced treatment area due to the complex anatomy and risk of postoperative complications. Injectors require a thorough understanding of the micro-anatomy of the periorbital tissues, coupled with an undertaking of how to manage potential complications. Your journey will begin on our e-learning portal, which is our fundamental teaching method for the knowledge required to start injecting. You can learn more about this on the e-learning page.

Every FAC delegate completes 2 essential e-learning modules; Anatomy & complications. For the Level 3 masterclass courses you will then complete the appropriate e-learning modules related to your course. All of the online content is relevant to the hands-on aspect of the courses and students are expected to study this and confidently apply the knowledge on the day.



Rheology and properties

Assessment and treatment planning

Relevant Anatomy

Facial Ageing Theories related to the mid and upper face

Injection techniques & applications

Treatment areas and protocols

Aftercare and complications



Anatomy practical on tear trough and periorbital tissues

Tear trough rejuvenation with Cannula

Lateral lid-cheek lift with needle and Cheek


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