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Tear Trough & Periorbital Rejuvenation Course has become one of the fastest growing at SkinViva, as it offers a means of refreshing tired eyes and providing an instant lift and rejuvenation for the whole face.

Many patients complain about the development of under eye hollows, dark circles and shadows. The loss of fat and under eye support as we age can lead to the area beneath the eyes to become hollow and sunken, which is known as Tear Troughs.

Treating the area below the eyes is an advanced application of dermal fillers. The latest generation of soft and long lasting hyaluronic acid fillers have opened up the possibilities, but this area also demands precise injecting skills and specific anatomical understanding on behalf of the injector.

SkinViva Training’s Tear Trough & Periorbital Rejuvenation Course will train you in all aspects of this advanced procedure and covers how to ensure a comfortable treatment for your patient.

  • M3 3HN, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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